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Anti-Corruption and bribery training for global enterprises

The U.S. Congress enacted the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in order to prevent the bribery of foreign officials, restore public confidence in the integrity of the American business system, and promote stronger and more reliable foreign legal regimes. This course presents learners with red flag situations they may face in the course of their work, diving deep into the components of the FCPA that regulate business relationships. FCPA was developed with a team of legal experts to ensure that the content aligns with the latest legal intelligence.

Double Jeopardy

In this branching video experience, learners help a character navigate a situation where providing a friend financial support for her child’s illness may appear to be a bribe if not handled properly. The interaction illustrates the appropriate way to offer monetary assistance to someone in a political position while steering clear of violating the FCPA.


Bad Excuses

In this interactive video experience, learners imagine that they're on an overseas business trip with their colleague Prakash. It turns out that in order to allow the deal to move forward in their country, a team of officials have asked for personal compensation. Learners help Prakash work through this predicament, and explore the possible consequences of their choices.