/ From Slavery to Obama / Blended College Course

/ Project Overview

An American history experience like no other

An in-depth examination of the history of the black struggle against white supremacy is integral to understanding the conditions of modern day America. From Slavery to Obama–helmed by Dr. Clarence B. Jones, personal counsel and draft speechwriter for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.–is a blended college course offered at the University of San Francisco for undergraduate students of the institution. The course strives to enable honest, informed, and critical discussion about race in America. Readings, lectures and activities focus on key events and individuals who have led the struggle to abolish slavery, as well as continuing efforts to create a society based on racial equality and social justice.


/ Project Team

Carol Batker, PhD / Project Sponsor
Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi, PhD / Project Advisor
Clarence B. Jones, PhD / Professor / Visionary
Candice Harrison, PhD / Project Lead / Academic Consultant
Jeremy Beckman / Instructional Designer / Education Technologist / Filmmaker


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